Learning Management System

The Learning Management System or LMS is an innovative educational system, which allows the delivery of online courses and testing to students. The system includes an administration interface, allowing you to create courses, classes, and manage your students efficiently and simply.

Our Content Management System is included in the LMS allowing you to update your website as easily as editing text in your favorite web browser!


mySoccerOffice is a web-based application used to quickly and easily manage your soccer league. It keeps track of players, seasons, divisions, games schedules, fields availability, game sheets, team and player statistics and discipline records. The application also includes our content management system (CMS), private coach and player sites, and a newsletter module to allow for fast and easy newsletter broadcasting. mySoccerOffice is based on a flexible and innovative plug-in architecture, which allows us to customize it to your specific needs.

Web Site Content Management System

Most websites created by us include our Web SiteContent Management System, allowing you to edit and update nearly all of your content in an easy, straightforward way. An administration site is set up for each web site created, where owners and staff can update information on the site as needed to keep it up to date. Whether it be News, Articles, Job Positions, FAQ, Downloadable Files, or a number of other aspects of your site, our Content Management System helps you keep your website current and competitive. Best of all, you can do all of this without any technical experience, and without additional software, right from your web browser!



Monday, June 14th, 2010
LMS - More Progress

We have made substantial improvements to the LMS system and we improved the process of getting Online Courses built. We will soon have some sample courses to play with for demo purposes.

Friday, May 21st, 2010
mySoccerOffice Improvements

mySoccerOffice has been adapted for youth soccer management. Also the web site managemnt module has been replace with our latest Content Management System, to offer greater flexibility.

"... this application incorporates everything that we do and more."

The Edmonton and District Soccer Association needed a web-based solution to integrate all of our business processes.  We looked at other sport management applications and found them all lacking in some area.  After discussing our needs with Compu-Creations, they were able to develop the perfect tool for our organization.  From on-line registration to scheduling to newsletters and web site management, this application [mySoccerOffice] incorporates everything that we do and more.  Compu-Creations saved our organization an incredible amount of time and effort and allowed us to provide a better soccer experience to our members.

Mike Thome - Executive Director
(Edmonton and District Soccer Association)